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5-String Bluegrass Banjos 5-String Open-Back Banjos 6-String Banjos
Made popular by artists such as Earl Scruggs and J.D. Crowe, the 5-string bluegrass banjo is by far our best-selling model. If you want to play Foggy Mountain Breakdown, the Beverly Hillbillies' Theme Song or Dueling Banjos, this is the banjo you're looking for.
Clawhammer banjos, those 5-string open-back models, are popular folk instruments.  They're usually played without fingerpicks, and they produce a warm, mellow sound. Click on these artists' names for a sample: Abigail Washburn, David Holt.
This section is specifically for 6-string banjo players.  Tuned just like a guitar, this banjo can be played by guitarists immediately.  Since the chords are the same, there's no learning curve!  Click on these artists' names to hear a sample: Rascal Flatts, Keith Urban
4-String Banjos Banjos for Kids Electric Banjos
4-string banjos are usually played with a guitar-style flatpick. Samples:
17-fret Irish Tenor banjo, Celtic Punk:
Shipping Up To Boston; Irish folk: Farewell To Erin
19-fret Tenor banjo, Dixieland Jazz:
Bye Bye Blues ; Irish folk More Reels
21-fret Plectrum, Dixieland Jazz: Bourbon Street Parade
; Eddie Peabody medley
For those with smaller hands!
Playing with an electric band?  Check out our electric banjos!  Here's Bela Fleck on a Deering Crossfire.
Hybrids Left-Handed Banjos Travel Banjos
Looking for a different sound or instrument voicing?  We have lots to choose from!  Enjoy this video from Gold Tone.
Many of our most-popular models are available for left-handed players.
Travel-friendly banjos!  You can take it with you!