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John Drummond, president

Mark Bramlett, general manager

Launched in 2003 to serve the needs of fellow banjo players, has become a recognized leader in the bluegrass music industry. With more than 500 banjos in stock, our showroom is located in a hub of bluegrass musicians just 10 miles north of Atlanta. It's a fun place to relax with a new or used banjo, whether you pick or strum. So come and jam with us. All musicians are invited. We enjoy making music and serving others. Our personal and professional principles are based on our Christian faith. We strive to honor God in all that we do. Click here to see our "welcome" video.

John Drummond fell in love with the banjo at the Shakey's Pizza Parlor in Pensacola. Already familiar with the guitar, John's interest in the banjo grew with each visit to Shakey's, and on his 16 th birthday his parents presented him a banjo. He learned to play by reading tablature in the book, Earl Scruggs and the 5 String Banjo.

A 22-year veteran of IBM, John launched a business in 1999 to serve the needs of fellow unicyclists. Today, with franchise locations in over a dozen countries, is probably the world's largest retailer of unicycles in the world. The first ten years are detailed in his book, Reinventing The Wheel: The Story of "Retail taught me that word-of-mouth can make or break a business," says John. "We have to earn the right every day to trade with our customers."

Mark Bramlett took up the guitar at age 12 and banjo at age 17, and began playing banjo professionally in 1978.He also began repairing instruments in a local music store. This grew into restoration of vintage instruments, including pre-war acoustic guitars and banjos, and he began building new custom acoustic guitars in 2001. Mark currently performs with the "Old Hickory" band, and plays a 1934 Gibson TB-3 conversion, which he affectionately calls "Carolyn". After running a number of successful businesses in the construction industry, he is quite happy to be back in the music business. He enjoys meeting and serving the needs of this community of acoustic musicians.

Stephen Cagle, mandolin specialist

Jim "Duck" Adkins, events manager, banjo instructor

Greg Ernest, banjo instructor and sister company in the Media

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